We will work to provide affordable, first class care and education with a broad range of services with that spa like atmosphere.


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  • What is adult day care? A service that provides day care to meet your needs during the day. A better alternative to Foster Care or Retirement 


  • Who pays for adult day care? Medicaid

  • If you do not qualify for Medicaid will you accept Medicare?The Rio Grande Council of Aging providing there are funds available will qualify anyone 63 years of age with a medical condition to attend 3 days a week


  • What if I cannot take my family member to the adult day care center? Depending on your location, arrangements can be made to have our company van pick you up in the morning and drop you off in the afternoon.


  • Do I have to bring my family member everyday? No, we are happy to receive you every weekday if you need us to, but the number of days per week is dependent on your needs.


  • Do I need to provide food or money for daily meals? No you don't. We provide a catered meal and snaks daily as part of our service.


  • Who is eligible? The elderly and disabled who have Medicaid benefits or "private pay" clients who need personal care. A doctors order is also needed to receive care during the day.